It seems crazy that in only my second year of shooting I have learned so much and I am unbelievably humbled by how many of you have shown interested in learning from me!

I believe we can all learn from each other and everyone has something to give, no matter where they are in their business and I’m SO excited to finally be offering these!


It certainly is overused in our little photography community but it’s something I truly resonate with and believe in. I think every photographer sees things in a different light and connects with different people. There are clients out there for ALL of us and part of what I’ll be going over is bringing out your unique qualities and helping your confidence in whatever area you feel you want to work on most.    

So, what’s included and what’s the cost?

This first year starting up my business has been nothing short of exhausting AND exhilarating. I’ve dedicated a lot of time to learning all of these things through different experiences and endless hours burning the midnight oil.

I won’t say it was easy, but it was SO worth it. There’s no better feeling that dreaming of something, working hard for it every single day, and watching it materialize into something you can be proud of. And that’s where I want to help! I am by no means an expert in everything photography or business—I still learn something new every single day—but that’s the beauty of it all. It’s an industry that is constantly evolving and as long as you evolve yourself, you will get to where you want to be.

I’m so happy you are chasing your dreams and taking this huge leap of faith. Let’s grow together!


This Q + A Style session is led by you! Please ask any and all questions, I highly recommend you come up with a list of things you’ve been wanting to know or are curious about prior to our session! We will fill this time completely how you want to!

+ 2 Hours
+ Booking Process + Workflow
+ Organizational Tips
+ Gear
+ Posing/Directing
+ Emailing
+Social Media
+ Pricing + Contracts
+ Making friends; not just clients
+ Lightroom/Photoshop Tricks
+ etc.

Whatever you want to fill your few hours with, let’s DO IT.


This is basically your very own personalized mini-workshop! If you’re local to Fresno, this is my absolute favorite way to learn. It’ll be a day packed with good food, good company, and so much learning!

+ We’ll start by meeting up over coffee or lunch to get to know each other and talk about what you want to learn. This is perfect for us to go over your business goals, struggles, and to figure out where we can fill in the gaps!

+ Around sunset, I’ll have a couple meet us so we can do some on-hands learning! You’ll get to see how I would direct a couple, my go-to prompts, camera settings—and then I’ll step back and let you direct and give you pointers along the way. I want you to walk away from the shoot feeling more confident and with some killer portfolio shots too!!

+ After our 2-hour session, we’ll go sit down and grab some dinner and go over how the shoot went. It’ll be even more time for us to talk about workflow, editing, client delivery, and everything in-between. This time is yours and I want it to be filled with as much as we can fit in.

+ Editing: We’ll look through all the photos we took and I’ll go over my entire editing process from start to finish, how I edit with presets, exporting for SEO, editing tips and tricks, etc.

I’m only offering a few mentor sessions a month, so if you’re interested, fill out my contact form and I’d love to chat and meet you :) I have learned an unbelievable amount from this community, and the only thank you I can think of is to return the favor. 

Let’s chat, learn, and grow together!